Multiple Gridmeshes - Hopping between grids?


I’m experimenting with optimizing a gridmesh using your GridGraphExample. I figured that I could probably increase the framerate by reducing the number of nodes outside of the area with all the obstacles, which I’ve done by increasing nodesize and scaling the area accordingly. With the current implementation of the plugin, this seems to require me to use more than one gridmesh, each with different nodesizes.

To test this, I removed the default example grid, then added one with a node size of 5. I scaled the area with the unity designer such that it will only cover empty space.

In the area with the obstacles/ramps and such, I added and resized another graph that has the default node size (0.5). I now have a low density grid (for open space), and a high density grid (with all the obstacles).

However, I can’t find a way to have the seeker path from the lower density grid to the higher density one - the seeker will not use the high density grid unless it starts within that grid first (and if it starts inside the high density grid among the obstacles, there’s no way it can come out). The seeker will always stop at the edge of a given grid when I attempt to path to the second one.

Is having the seeker “hop between grids” supported? Or must the entire level use the same grid, in the same density?

PS: I would love to use NavMeshes here, however the fact that I can’t reset a NavMesh on the fly even with this plugin (I do intend to drop obstacles onto the map as the game is running) restricts me to a GridMesh or Pointmesh. I’m leaning towards a GridMesh as these are easier to construct with the plugin.

PS: the grids are practically next to each other, close enough such that hopping to the other grid is realistic enough, but not close enough to overlap.

Overlapping the grids doesn’t work.

You should see a little connections gizmo in the bottom right of your scene window. If you shift click a node on one grid then do the same on another it should create a connection… at least i think it’s shift - click…

I actually bought the product and found an example in the latest layered gridmesh example using 2 objects and the LinkNode class, but this is a lot simpler. I should’ve realized it was there. =.=

shift-click is faster than just typing positions, but I do wish there was a way to assign to a whole swath of links at once. I can do a jump point just fine with this code, but if I had to merge a flat plaza’s grid with that of a building entrance - it takes ages.

Hi repeatedly duplicating a GameObject with LinkNode can be used to (relatively) quickly link large numbers of nodes.
I know this is one of the weak points of the system, not really streamlined yet.