Lining up isometric 2d grid with tile map

Hello , please excuse me if this is too elementary but been stuck on this for while.

This is similar to this question here:

For me I am trying to make top down isometric game and the grid shape is rectangle .

I am having a hard time mapping the time map to A star grid,

This are my settings for the tile renderer and what it looks like:

This are my settings for AStar grid:

I tried to rotate and play around with the values of node side,depth, rotation, IsoAngle etc to get the Astar grid close to possible to tile renderer grid, but its not exact as you see here:

Maybe there is some math here I need to do, or something more fundamental I am missing , please help, thanks

it was on these theme Unity 2108.3 Isometric Tilemaps (SOLVED)

but i think this issue on tilemap side/ if you do trick - null scale 0.57 and grid rotate under it to 45 it will be perfect lines over astar grid(but iso sprites will look wrong and trick not useful)

so its smth strange in tilemap isometric mode calculations

i need this too/ so i did some experiments/ for me works this setup tilemap anchor point to 1 1

and grid scale 1.4+

no mathematiks just putting numbers and watching how it looks in editor/ you can change them

and sorting for tiles so they dont overlap/ maybe chunk mode instead of individual will be good too

upd. i understood 0.707 node scale as in that topic Unity 2108.3 Isometric Tilemaps (SOLVED) 0.707* 2 =1.414 tile scale as here. so you choose yourself what to scale

thanks for your response. but seem like I dind’ t have to scale the grid to 1.4142, just making the setting of the A8 grid grap to these , worked for me,

Shape: Isometric
Node size: 0.707
Isometric angle: Dimetric(60)
Rotation: 225

although I don’t think we should have to this trial and error thing.

do what you want man/ it was just thoughts out loud mostly for myself


This is a very good point. I have implemented an alignment function now, and it will be available in the next beta version.


cant find this option in latest beta is it not included yet ?


It should show up if you have a tilemap in your scene.

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thanks, its been a while, just updated the plug in and this works like charm