Unity 2108.3 Isometric Tilemaps (SOLVED)

I was looking for some into to A* tutorials and found a youtube video which led me here. I am attempting to get A* up and running with the new unity isometric tilemaps and was trying out the free version of this Pathfinding project to make sure it works before I buy it…

I find that the isometric setting isn’t aligning to my tilemap and was wondering if there is a way or if a way could be added to support the new ios tilemaps for simple and easy alignment since the 54.74 degrees is way off and endless fiddling isn’t working either.

Solved… It appears a lot easier to figure out than expected. Unity isn’t updating after every change I made to the Grid Graph. The correct setup for the isometric tilemap for anyone who is interested is
Shape = “Isometric Grid”
Isometric Angle = “Dimetric”
Node Size = 0.7
Roattion = 225


I had the same issue. Had my board set to make a 100x100 isometric box. It was actually making a 102x102 for some reason… Anyways. I was using the same settings besides the node size. I found .707 to be the best fit for mine.


@JJ_Auer super super helpful. Spot on for me, thank you! @RitchieLogan this was the perfect tweak to make my grid fit perfectly as well. Loving this community!

For other users, obviously check ‘Use 2D Physics’ on your grid.

*Also make sure your tilemap composite geometry type is set to polygon (not outline).

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