I cannot create a grid graph and I am not sure why

I believe I am doing something completely wrong but I have no idea what.
I followed two tutorials and I was able to create grid graphs before but all of a sudden, I cannot anymore.
I feel like I am being stupid and it’s a super easy fix. I am using free Version 4.2.15 and Unity Version 2019.4.8f1.

What I expect to happen:

When I create a grid graph, I was able to resize it and it was a visible within the scene.
I would then hit scan and I could see the areas generated by the scan.

What is happening now:

When I create a grid graph, nothing shows up. It isn’t visible. I cannot resize the graph. If I hit scan,
nothing appears however I do get “Process took 0 ms to complete”.

It’s as if the graph is never being created in the first place. I deleted the package and added it multiple times. I am doing a 2D game. I created a fresh project and I could get it to work just fine. Thanks for any suggestions.

I also believe all my gizmos are enabled. I can’t posted another picture because of my status but these gizmos are enabled:

Also, “Show Graphs” is enabled.

I found this thread which may be the same problem.

I am using tilemaps, PixelPerfectCamera, and Cinemachine if it is relevant.


Like that posted thread mentioned, it appears that setting the tilemap Focus On to something other than None makes the grid visible. However, I will mention that I didn’t need to do this earlier. It was working correctly and I did not have to focus on a tilemap other than none. I could resize the window by using the scale tool but I cannot do that now. I have to manually change the graph’s width and depth settings in the pathfinder component. So something happened. It was working properly and something happened and now it doesn’t. Hopefully, I can work around this.