Which options of the asset are best for RTS (like Starcraft II)


I’ve been struggling to make a good use of your awesome asset, but maybe it will be best if I just ask you, if you’d make an RTS - like starcraft, What kind of graph would u use? What options seeker would have?

I’ve tried using grid graph and used to make unwalkable nodes when the character stands on it, it makes other agents search for paths around the character. The local avoidance does not do anything unfortunely. The effects are not so good when you are moving groups of characters.

So what are your thoughts? How would you make an RTS pathfinding?

Also, I really need a feature like this from starcraft II:

For rts, apex path and apex steer is superior. Very fast implementation and customization.


Why apex path ?


I will return tomorrow with a more detailed response, but unfortunately I have to leave now.
I made an attempt at replicating the SC2 movement behavior and this is what I managed to achieve in 30 minutes or so (actually this is not the latest result, it looks slightly better now):

It uses local avoidance as well as some custom logic for determining when agents should stop (to avoid them all trying to constantly move towards the same point). I can post the code if you want (it’s about 70 lines which will work with the latest 4.1.2 beta).

God damn, you are my god. Post the code please!


Here it is: https://pastebin.com/ir3mbyq0
I cannot guarantee that it will be easy to expand into something that works for a full RTS however.

I recommend that you download the latest beta to try it out.

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