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Vertical PointGraph Pathfinding

Is it possible to use points on different y heights and have object move along them. For now I don’t need rotation along x or z axis, just y for turning. In the future I may want rotation along x and z.

In my test the moving object acknowledges all the points but does not move to the same height level that they are. It treats them as though they are all level.

I have modified your Point Graph Example to test this out.

I found your quote to someone else - “Note that full 3D pathfinding can only be accomplished using a point graph at the moment, all other graph types assume ground based movement.”, so I am assuming it is possible.!


Just figured out that AILerp movement script works with the above node layout. I was trying to use AIPath. That being said is there a setting to use to get AIPath to work with the above node layout.


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