Unit Circling Forever - RVO


we have an issue, that when a unit A is standing on a position, and we order unit B to move to that exact spot of unit A, unit B will go there, and then start circling unity A forever.

Both have RVO Controller and cannot push each other out, this is on purpose and by design (Lock When Not Moving is enabled). Our agents use RichAI.

We have tried enabling Stop when destination is crowded, however this does not work well in other situations and is breaking our AI, as sometimes it does not even start to move to free positions.

Any ideas how this could be solved? The End Reach Distance is set to 0.3, but agent radius is 0.4, however I would still presume, the agent would detect destination is occupied by RVO unit and stop by itself.


Bumping this, as its critical issue currently with pathing and we don’t really know what to do.

I’m bumping this thread as it seems my previous posts are being ignored for some reason.

We continue to face critical issues with the A* Pathfinding Plugin, impacting our project significantly. We rely heavily on this tool, as our project and company depend on it to work as its core of AI, and any guidance—even a simple confirmation on whether our problems are solvable—would be very helpful for our planning.

Thank you.


Sorry, there are a lot of threads that I haven’t had time to get to during the last few weeks.

Generally the Stop When destination is crowded behavior is the intended way to deal with this.
However, what you could try is to use the Follower Entity component, which uses a different newer approach to the same idea. It should be more robust for most cases, though it doesn’t have quite as many features yet.

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Hello, thank you for your reply.

We cannot use FolloweEntity, as it does not take tags/penalties into account yet, which are mandatory for our usage.

We had quite a lot of issues with “Stop When destination is crowded”, where the agent did not even want to move to empty positions, we tried all of the module settings, and we just could not get this working.
Also some properties seems to be not working at all, like: Return After Being Pushed Away - Not Working

So we are quite out of ideas whether the systems are not working, or we are using them wrong :slight_smile:

For example, this guy is always circling around, even when destination is crowded is checked

and even if I decrease the value (and repath to reset this) he still circling forever