Return After Being Pushed Away - Not Working

The RichAI crowded behavior toggle Return After Being Pushed Away does not seem to be working.

When LockWhenNotMoving is disabled and some agent A pushes away agent B, the agent B does not return to original position from which it was pushed from.

We are using newest plugin with recast graph. Each agent has Seeker, RichAI and RVO Controller.

I’m facing the same problem. If I want to lock units so they wont move, there is problem with another unit coming to exact same location and circling around standing unit endlessly. If I change the radius of pathing of the units lets say by half, the unit will make one full circle around standing unit then it stops. But I’m facing another problem which is units look like they are stacking and that’s something I don’t want to happen obviously for visual. I’ve tried also Return after being pushed away and the units won’t go back to the position they were. Don’t know how to move on, not sure if that’s my mistake or its a bug.