Tricking a recast graph to allow vertical climbs larger than its height

In my RTS, I am using a very lenient recast graph to assist in air unit pathfinding, where:
Height = default flying altitude
Climb = as high as I can set it…
Slope = 90 degrees

I am very close, essentially the only thing left is its ability to jump from one navmesh “island” to another navmesh “island” when there is no direct line of sight. To achieve this, I believe all I need is to have an infinite climb. The result would be a navmesh that is like a multi-layered tarp laid on top of the surfaces.

Do you think this is reasonable and doable? If so, any ideas how to implement it?


That is unfortunately not doable since this would make the navmesh not an actual surface. For example, it would be possible to fly either below a bridge or above a bridge. The navmesh can only be a surface, not a more complex topology.

Let’s say in this hypothetical situation, I didn’t care about pathing under the bridge, can we think of a hack now? :slight_smile: