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Tag on RecastGraph node is cleared immediately after loading from cache


We generate our navmesh using RecastGraph. I need to tag a section of navmesh, so I added a GraphSceneUpdate, checked “modify tag” and set it to “Restricted Area”. I configured the AStarPath debug settings to color by tag, and I can see that my newly tagged nav polys have a different color. Great. I save the graph to a cache file, load it, and verify that my tag is still there. Super.

However, when I run the game in the editor, the tag disappears. If I click the “load from cache” button while the game is loaded, and I can even see the tagged nav area flash a different color for a single frame, so I know that it’s loading the tagged value properly and then something is clearing the tag immediately afterward. I set a breakpoint in GraphNode.Tag.set, but it never fires.

What could be clearing the tag? FWIW, I have no custom code that does anything with tags.




Are you using any navmesh cuts on your graph?
Navmesh cuts will clear tags because there is not really any possible way that they could be preserved (because the triangle edges can change around arbitrarily due to cuts). If your cuts are static you could apply the GraphUpdateScene components after the cuts have been processed (i.e. call the GraphUpdateScene.Apply method)?