Stairs and scanning

I keep running into issues when my character goes up and down stairs. It’s usually one way that works and the other doesn’t. I’ve created an invisible slide so I’m able to scan stairs and slopes. With that being said I ran into issues with these slide objects. They’re simple cubes shaped in Unity to match the stairs geometry, however they need to be so darn perfect I wonder if it’s going to create issues outside of what I’m experiencing.

I suppose I could make more complicated ramps that taper better with other objects. Any suggestions? Thx


Possibly it’s because the resolution of your graph is too low (i.e. you should reduce the cell size).
But it’s hard to say without seeing some screenshots of it.

I managed to get it to work, a couple of walk-able surfaces had the wrong layer and also some terrains weren’t as smooth as I thought causing some steps to interfere with path. Thanks for your response.

I tried to delete this post but there didn’t appear to be one. Thanks

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