(SOLVED) Adjust A* grid with Tilemap grid

I am currently working on a turn-based game in isometric view. And, I would like to include my graphical elements with Unity’s “tilemap” tool.
So my A* grid must be exactly aligned with my Tilemap grid. And I can’t do that. There’s always a small offset between the two grids. So I think I’m missing something important. Could you help me?

Thank you for any answers you may have,
Pablo Bourdeau

there was some topics about this.search. maybe will help you a little bit .Unity 2108.3 Isometric Tilemaps (SOLVED)
but as i remember it isnt pixel perfect/ or maybe i did smth wrong


Thank you very much @Nikita! It solves my problem. My A* grid will be a bit bigger than the level design but it doesn’t matter, I’ll remove the extra boxes with obstacles!

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good to hear . i mean square of apath grid and unity tilemap not the same and even in that post people try to catch its size 0.700 or 0.707.

i hope in future they will perfectly match the size. cos there are problems when you start apply sprites -some pixels are tiny bit out of grid

but maybe everything will be ok for you

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