So how can I avoid hitting the wall?

As shown in the previous picture, my unit will always try to pass through narrow aisles that cannot be passed when searching for a way, causing it to get stuck at the entrance. How can I avoid this problem?

It seems that there is a passable area between the two squares, but the width of the passage is not enough for the unit to pass through. Should there be no passable area here when the grid is organized? I can’t understand whether this is a bug or my own problem.


You can increase the “Character Radius” field on the recast graph to account for this.

I tried it, but the effect is still very poor :sob: I think the real problem is that even if all the searched points are in the walkable area, there may still be objects blocking between the two points. For example, one point is on one side of the block and the other point is on the other side of the block. , What do you need to do at this time?

I adjusted it from 0.5 to 7 but no effect.

Can I submit a minimal example project to you? Want to see how you solve this problem, this thing is really bothering me now.

It seems that there are some points in the calculation that are wrong。


Are those boxes navmesh cuts?
If so, they need to be expanded manually. The widths should be the box width + the agent diameter to cut the navmesh like you want it.
In the beta version, this is done automatically.