Seeker switching graphs (possible bug report)

I duplicated a point graph to have a slightly modified version and put a new tag on the duplicated nodes. The seeker was jumping between the graphs and I thought I had them connected somehow but I have verified that I do not. The seeker is also set to use only one graph.

Most of the duplicated nodes share the same transform.position so I offset them slightly by 0.1 units. This is the only change I made and once I offset all the nodes, the seeker no longer traversed both graphs.

I’m on version 4.2.17 so maybe this has been fixed or is a known issue.


The agent will try to use the closest graph to its current position, if you have two graphs with identical coordinates it will be very confused.
I would recommend that you set the seeker → traversable graphs options to indicate which graph you want the agent to use.

Thanks for the reply. I eventually found this old post of yours that solved it. The key info is “find start and end points on”, which is what I really wanted anyways. I’m trying to force an agent to go through a river node first before traversing ocean nodes.