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RVO Simulator How To Use Across Scenes

What is the best way to use this component. Do you have it in each scene, or do you place it inside your donotdestroy game master script?

If I have RVO in each scene when I swap to a new scene the RVO Controller locks the characters until I enable or disable them which feels broken. I ended up scripting a little coroutine to fix this, but it feels like a hack. By adding it to the donotdestroy game master I also need to toggle the simulator between my scenes as I have RVO components on those scenes. Using your enable and disable functions allows this to work but very difficult to work accross many different ways of switching scenes, adding enemies, new characters and pets.

With both scenarios it seems like the first option works best, but why does my character lock upon scene change.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks


Do you keep the characters when switching scenes? I.e. call DoNotDestroyOnLoad on them?

Hi Aron,

Sorry for the late response. I do keep them between scenes. I believe now I’ve moved the RVO simulator to a game object in each scene instead of a non-destroy object. That may have been my problem before. I simply disable the RVO component on and during scene change.