Restricting NodeLinks and NavMeshCuts to specific agents

Fro the documentation, I can create multiple graphs to accommodate different kinds of agents. The docs show an example where one agent is much smaller than the other, so the navmeshes bakes with different character radii. I wanted to know whether links and obstacles can be similar configured.

For example, let’s say I have one agent who can jump, and another who can’t. I would need some of the Node Links to be specific to only one agent type. I don’t see an obvious way of doing that.

As for obstacles, I have some agents who can easily push objects out of their way, or just over them, so for those agents a block should not be considered an obstacle. But for other agents, that block should prevent the agent from trying to go to that position. I’m using NavMeshCuts to make blocks into obstacles, but I don’t see a way to qualify the block to being an obstacle for only certain graphs.


There is no out of the box support for connection Tags. Which would allow you to restrict the use of nodelinks by certain agents.
Though this is not that hard to add yourself.
There is some previous discussion you could look at here: Nodelink Cost for different agents?

If you’re really stuck I’d be willing to publicly share my code changes to make this happen.

Navmeshcut agent dependent might work with graphUpdateObjects. Where the nodes inside the graph update area are tagged differently. So the agent can’t traverse that tag.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll take a look at that. I appreciate it.