A* Pathfinding Project

Remove unconnected areas?


We are planning on using A* Pathfinding Project with the Recastgraph in a multiplayer game.
So far we have been using Unity’s built in NavMesh as the source of truth for where players can go or no. This has the issue of people being able to sometimes get into areas (via “sloppy” custom movement logic) that should not be connected to anything.

With A* Pathfinding Project we were hoping there would be a way to remove unconnected areas

The relevant graph surface looked very promising, but either it does not work as I thought it would or I’m doing something wrong, since it does not seem to do anything when using “Only for completely inside tile” or remove everything when using “Require For All”, even the tile with the relevant graph surface object in it

Is there any way to do this out of the box or is there a simple way to write a “post processing” script to get rid of everything that isnt connected to relevant areas?