Recast graph not detecting walkable area?

Hi there,

We’re trying to generate a recast graph for an indoor scene, somehow it’s able to detect a walkable area through 1 door but not the other, even though their dimensions are the same:

Any idea how we can fix this? If it helps we’re using 4.2.15 pro (March 31, 2020 build from Unity Asset Store) with these recast graph settings:


I have an open world game with multiple level buildings. I build a recast graph for each terrain tile and merge them into a larger graph as I load the world. I found these settings work well for each tile:

Min region size had to be set very small to make it work for doorways and staircases.

Hi, tks for the tip! Unfortunately still didn’t work for us even setting Min Region Size = 0.05

Could be some bug in the prefab instead? Idk…


Edit: Fixed, there was a transparent object that messed with the navmesh generation, but tks for the tip anyway, the navmesh was slightly improved with a smaller region size.


Great that you managed to find the issue :slight_smile: