Procedural World - Best Graph?

I have a procedurally generated game level, what is the best graph method to use in terms of speed for generating at runtime on level load?


Is this a procedural level which stretches infinitely in all directions? or just procedurally generated, but fully known at start?

In both cases a grid graph is probably the best since it is the fastest to scan, a recast graph would probably give you better quality, but the calculation time for that can be several seconds on even moderately sized maps.

If it is infinite, check out the example scene named “Procedural” which comes with the project, it uses a custom script to update the graph as the world is generated. There is also a webplayer here:

Thanks for the fast reply Aron!
The procedural world is fully known at the point we want to generate the graph.
Grid graph looks like a great method :slight_smile:


Edit: starting new thread instead