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Problems with RVO when multiple agents are spawned in the same place

Hi, it’s me again :smiley:
I’ve faced another problem with RVO. When I place multiple RichAI+RVOController in one place they are “stay inside” each other. Only few separates (randomly, sometimes it’s 2 agents, sometimes more but 5 max out of ~20 tries). Config is basic + I’ve changed threading to High Load and Neighbours count to 20 instead of 10. Here is video:


What kind of collider do you have on your agents?
I did a quick test, and with Character controllers mine spread instantly at start.
With normal capsule colliders mine didn’t spread until 1 started moving, then they all spread around.

I don’t use any colliders. I have Seeker, RichAI, Funnel, RVOController and AIDestinationSetter. Tbh I don’t think that colliders are required - if it were required then no agents would split from itself.

Edit: I’ve added capsule colliders and it’s still the same.

Colliders are indeed not necessary. But RVO works based on desired velocities. Thus if all agents are spawned at the same location, and none wants to move anywhere the RVO doesn’t have any data to ‘push’ agents around.


Yeah, I understand. For now I just make agents to spawn randomly around given point - it’s not perfect solution but it fixed problem.