Precision position and recast graphs

I have agents that are required to move to exact positions at various workplaces to then play their “job” animations. In some cases those are root motion or a sequence of animations.

I have it working but it’s very clunky and rough with lots of sliding and bad positioning/rotation. However the scenarios are only going to get more complex from here with more complicated position/animation sequences etc.

I’m assuming I need to separate concerns between what astar/moveTo can accomplish, then what I have to take over and do manually for finer levels of position/rotation/root motion and control?

My main question is if that logic is correct? Should I assume astar moveto will only get my agents “close” to their exact required position, then I have to take over control (right now I’m disabling richAI) to do my own tweening of movement/rotation to help sync the animations correctly. Especially when the animation requires root motion I need to essentially disconnect the agent from the astar/navesh? Then when the agent is done their job and moving to something new I turn the agent back on.

Or am I going about that wrong? Or is there a better way?


I would recommend that you check out the beta version and try the new FollowerEntity movement script. It’s pretty new (so it may have some rough edges), but I have designed it to be much more robust and predictable in situations like this. It can stop very accurately on a point (if you set stopping distance to something small like 0.01), and can even align itself with an orientation automatically (use SetDestination(point, direction)).

Ok that sounds at least more what I’m looking for, are there any example scenes using FollowerEntity?