Path too close to wall edges/angles cause block sometimes

Hello there ! First thank you for this pathfinding solution, it’s really cool !
So my problem here is the generated path is really close to the edge (because it’s the shorteste path I guess), so sometimes my agents get stuck in the angle, trying to go through the wall on the right. I’m using a Seeker with AIPath, and an RVO Controller. What would be the best way to prevent this ? Like to make the path less “ideal” and more away from the wall ? On the Using Modifiers page of the documentation, I saw that the paths showed don’t cut the corners with diagonals like I have. Is it because it is in 2D ?
Thanks for your help ! pathfinding|690x378

Set the Erosion Iterations in the second group of settings. This will “erode” some of the walkable area around obstacles to prevent stuff like that.

I’m surprised no one got back to you. It’s been five days, and this is a pretty simple solution…



Sorry for the late answer.

This is usually remedied by changing the grid graph settings. Either you can change the erosion iterations as @Gmanicus suggested or you can change the Collision Testing -> diameter setting. Both do roughly the same thing in this case, but the erosion iterations setting will also make the character stay away from ledges on top of objects.

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Thanks a lot, I didn’t see this parameter !

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