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NavMesh: Creating navmesh edges for the borders of GraphUpdateScene


We are facing an issue using GraphUpdateScene on a navmesh graph.

As you can see, it checks existing tris and if they are mostly inside shape (green on an image) defined in GUS, then it assigns tag/walkability

Is it possible to create new edges to represent the said shape?
So that Tag would be assigned accurately to the area


That is very tricky unfortunately.
The only way that works for a navmesh graph is to create a NavmeshCut with the is dual option enabled, and then apply the graph update. The problem comes when you have several of these because a navmesh cut will clear the tags of any nodes that get modified during a cut (because it’s pretty much impossible to know which nodes a tag should be applied to if the geometry of the graph changes significantly). So you would have to re-apply the graph update every time a navmesh cut is moved.