Moving AI Characters Penalty Avoidance

Hi Aron!

My team and I are currently making a game with AI characters and was wondering if this package had a way for each individual character to avoid another character based on hostilities with each other. I saw your example scene on Penalties, and it got me thinking if using penalties then updating the graph every time a character moved would be the best solution? Or is there a better feature in this package that I could use? Thanks!


I don’t think this is possible out of the box. But definitely possible to implement.
It’s rather simple to change data on the grid graphs.
I recommend looking into the Accessing Data documentation:

For finding ‘safe’ locations to navigate to, the wander AI tutorial has some of the components you could use:

Last but not least I’ll link an interesting paper on influence maps, similar to your use case:

or in video format:

I hope that helps.
The free version has the required components to try this implementation.


Thanks Wolf!

My team and I will look into this.

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