I Need Advice on Navmesh Cutting for Dynamic Terrain

Hey guys!

I am neck-deep in a project with a dynamic terrain system, and I’m using A* Pathfinding Project Pro for the pathfinding magic. The goal is to have the navigation mesh update seamlessly as the terrain changes, and that’s where I’m hitting a bit of a snag.

Specifically, I’m struggling with the best way to efficiently update the navmesh when I add or remove chunks of terrain on the fly. Should I be using the Grid Graph or the Navmesh Graph for this, or maybe even a combo of the two? Also, any tips on optimizing this process to keep things running smoothly would be a lifesaver.
I also check this: https://forum.arongranberg.com/t/creating-a-navmesh-from-multiple-mesheservicenow But I have not found any solution.

If anyone has experience wrangling navmesh cutting with dynamic terrain, your insights and battle-tested advice would be pure gold!

Thanks in advance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Do you mean that the bounding box of your terrain changes over time, or only the terrain heightmap?