Creating a navmesh from multiple Meshes

So I’m trying to figure out how you would take multiple meshes and create 1 navmesh using AStar Pro without first stitching the meshes together. For example, lets say I have a bunch of minecraft style chunks, each with their own mesh, and I want to add all the meshes to a graph at runtime.
Bonus points if when editing one chunk, there is a way that I can rebuild only that section of the navmesh. Is there anyway to do this with the pro version as it stands?
Note: I’ve tried using recast as I’ve done for other projects but that doesn’t seem to work. I need to do this at runtime as well as the world will be procedurally generated.

Sorry if my question is unclear.


Have you given the grid graph or layered grid graph a try? To update the graph during runtime checkout the documentation page here

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