How to follow a vertical path?

Similar to this post, I want to make a ladder using a point graph. However, in that post the answer of having an invisible ramp isn’t at all what I wanted.

I set-up a basic scene like this:

I have the nodes on the wall going up and they do link together well. The player also can get a path from the ground to the top of the wall following these ladder nodes (shown by the hard to see green line coming from the player). However, when he tries to follow that path he ends up running into the wall and can’t “float” up those ladder nodes. I tried turning off the gravity to see if that worked, but no dice.

Since it is able to find a path up the ladder, I guess my question becomes how can I make the player follow the path going vertically?

It should also be noted that the player doesn’t have any colliders or character controller components attached right now. I did that temporarily just to make sure it wasn’t because the player was colliding with the wall and that was making him stuck. It still doesn’t seem to work either way.


This requires either a custom movement script ( or that you detect in a separate script that the agent is trying to move upwards significantly and switch to a separate behaviour (e.g. using