How about performance?

The scene size is 1000 * 1000, but the scan area is 100 * 100, I used ProceduralGraphMover。
Due 10 type monsters,I must create 10 graph,when I use RecastGraph,but LayerGridGraph need only one graph。
Should I choose LayerGridGraph or RecastGraph for performance reasons?


If it’s only 1000x1000, can you not use recast graphs that covers the whole world? That’s what I would recommend.
Otherwise, a single moving layered grid graph is probably the way to go.

In fact, this project is the Big World sandbox(biger then 1000 * 1000), is a single player game.
I think it is not advisable to save the graph to the file in real time when player building always.
So I think scan in real time is better than read graph from file.
Is it better to use LayerGridGraph in this case?

Sounds like a smaller layered grid graph would be appropriate, yes.

OK,Thank you very much!