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Height and Slope adjustment on NavMesh

I am trying to use NavMesh Graph instead of GridGraph because i am using the Job system to move the agent myself and grid graph gives me the center of the nodes and making the agents movement shaky, as they are following the nodes left right left right pattern sometimes. But in NavMesh graph, i couldnt find any way to enable to account the graph for slopes. Is there any way to account for slopes and disconnecting the parts that are for example near the mountains of the mesh or the steep side of a wall?
Thanks in advance!


Do you mean the recast graph instead of the navmesh graph? The navmesh graph doesn’t calculate a navmesh by itself.

No, i meant the NavMeshGraph option on Pathfinder.
I am creating the mesh from the terrain and export in on disk. Then assign that mesh on Source Mesh.
It creates it but it does not account for slope, some of the terrain has really steep hills that shouldnt be climbed on.
And on recast graph too, when i get the calculated path from Seeker script, it give me coordinated to the triangles center point. Even if there are no obstructions to the destination, it zig zags between the triangles center points untill it reaches the desired destination.


The navmesh graph just uses a supplied mesh as is. It doesn’t do any post-processing of it.

For straighter paths on navmesh/recast graphs you should attach the Funnel Modifier. It will simplify the path to remove those zig-zags.

Thanks a lot for the fast response! I will try this! <3