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Erosion by Layers

is it possible to control which layer gets erosion on a grid graph? I would like to have erosion but only for certain layers, for example I don’t want my obstacle layers to be eroded, I only want my ground layer to be eroded.


Currently, there is no such functionality, I’m afraid.

hmm okay, is there any way i can reach that result using a multitude of graphs? like perhaps my ground can be on graph1 with erosion and my obstacles on graph2 with no erosion and somehow combine the results of two graphs into one?

Just trying to think out loud here

Why do this? Do you want to simulate the behavior of the tides?
Better write what you want to achieve.

I have agents and i would like them to keep a certain distance away from the edge of my walkable terrain, erosion is perfect for that.

I also have obstacles, like trees, rocks, but I don’t want erosion to affect those obstacles, I only want it for the terrain.

The terrain penalty can be used, they can be poked anywhere. It is also possible to increase the collider on the obstacle. It seems to me that this is easier to do than two graphs.
There are probably other ways.

Penalty on terrain will not prevent my agents from walking there if they had no other room, RVO simulation could also push them there when dealing with avoiding other agents.

Not to mention the insurmountable amount of manual work it would take to add that penalty everywhere where erosion would have been.

I do not use RVO, erosion and fines in my project. So these are just my thoughts. But it always seemed to me that erosion and fines work according to the same principle. If agents cannot enter erosion, then you can simply increase the collider on the obstacle and not use erosion.
If the collider is used for other purposes, it is possible to make multiple colliders through the child system.
They are afraid of manual labor, this is ridiculous, it will not be possible to automate everything.

I cant mess with the colliders of obstacles, first doing that to workaround the erosion issue is a “dirty” solution that will most likely bite you in the ass as soon as any change happens to erosion.

These obstacles are prefabs that are used on various terrains, if i go around messing with their colliders to make them fit one terrain with erosion, it will mess them up for other terrains.

I don’t think it will be too hard to merge two grids into one and get the outcome i desire. I think that’ll be my best bet so far.