DrawGizmo is not called if I have both ALINE and Astar in asmdef

Hey here!

I have an issue, seemingly similar to this topic.

I use AssetStore version of ALINE (v. 1.5.2) and beta version of Astar (v 4.3.47).
They are both referenced by one of my asmdefs.

If I have a script that inherits from MonoBehaviourGizmos (from ALINE) in that asmdef – DrawGizmos are not called.
A script in asmdef defining only ALINE works as expected.

Programmatic drawing from the asmdef with both libs works fine (e.g. I can call ALINE’s Draw.Something in game and in editor and it all gets rendered, but DrawGizmos on scripts inheriting from MonoBehaviourGizmos does not work.
I can still do things like rendering from UpdateInEditMode MonoBehaviour, but it flickers.

Did I miss something in configurations? Is there any specific thing I should keep in mind when using both packages in my asmdef?