Disabling agents that are not on grid

Hi @aron_granberg,
I am using layered grid graph for my mobile game, and I have a small problem. As the game should run on low end mobile devices as well I want to keep the grid size and the number of agents as small as possible. Before I had a larger grid size and used proximity activator for agents. But on old devices like mi8 because the grid was around 200x900, the scene just wouldn’t load. I made the decision to switch to procedural grid mover and make the grid a lot smaller around 100x200. I wanted to know if there is a way to detect if the agent is no longer on the grid and therefore disable it. Currently I am using FollowerEntities that follow the edges of the grid graph as it’s moving, which is expected behavior (as the FollowerEntity should always be on the grid graph) but not quite what I want. I want to just disable them as soon as the grid is no longer under the agents. Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Thanks! Trying to make the moving grid bigger and the proximity area smaller as it’s in your setup.