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Different diameters of the obstacles.

The game has enemies of different diameters, and I wanted them not to cling to obstacles. But in the algorithm there is only one diameter for all the obstacles. I realized that I should change the source code(this topic prompted me Different collision testing diameter for different masks), but the question is where to start. Make changes to Base or Dynamic Obstacle? As far as I understand, Base is responsible for the diameter of obstacles. Can this already be achieved in the new versions?


I’m not quite sure what you want.
Is the goal to make the agents stay a bit further away from obstacles in general?

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Yes, that’s right. Sorry for my English)

You could either just make the colliders for the big objects even bigger (without changing the visual representation). Or maybe you could do something like adding penalties based on the distance to the objects. That will make them try to keep further away if they can.


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Thank you! This is what I need.

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