Detect nodes with raycast

Hello! I’m looking for a solution how to find specific nodes with a ray casting. For example, what nodes are seen by player or npc, or what nodes are near covers. How can it be done?
And can it also be done for Grid Graph?

That sounds like a very heavy work load to do. What’s the reason for needing it? Maybe there is a better way.

The reason is to make a bit of tactical approach to bot behavior by evaluating every node by some conditions and picking the most suitable one. Killzone games do something similar - there are several checks on node, like does this node is seen by player, does this node in the area of close-mid-ranged contact of player, does it located near cover or not etc.

For linecasts you can use GridGraph - A* Pathfinding Project
There’s no method to get all nodes that are visible by a raycast, though.

But you could possibly get something like that working if you combine the linecast function with the PathUtilities.BFS method’s filter parameter, or the same thing for PathUtilities.GetReachableNodes.