Crash in Editor/Build with overlapping NavMeshCuts - PointOnEdgeException > Crashes


I recently asked some general usage questions about how to best set up dynamic NavMesh for my game’s use case - one of the takeaways I had that I was trying to confirm was that the best path forward was to just make heavy use of NavMeshCuts for dynamic “do not walk in this hazard” area and to rely on mesh tags for broader “this large area of the map is statically XYZ” - underwater, barred from minions, etc.

However, once I added a bunch more nav mesh cuts, I have started seeing exceptions in the logs (PointOnEdgeException) and I have had occasional stack overflow exceptions that have hard-crashed my Editor/Game build.

The issue seems related to my use of double doors - I have two 2d doors (both using a box NavMeshCut) that intentionally overlap a bit, and when they start moving that seems to be able to cause the crash.

  • Is this a known bug? Is there any more context to why/when this happens?
  • Is there any way to prevent this? (Especially since I would like player-driven spells and effects to modify enemy navigation, but if interactive nav edits have a chance to crash the game that seems impossible)
  • Is this fixed in the beta? I am still on the official released version

Also, I uploaded my crash dump/log in case it helps: - Google Drive

Thank you!

Oh, some additional context on how my map/cuts are put together that might be useful:

  • I’m this guy, and my NavMesh is a recast graph in my “2d” mode (rotated x:-90, using custom cutout scripts)
  • My NavMeshCuts are similarly rotated x:-90 and have “use rotation and scale” set to true (which generally seems to work fine)

ALSO can confirm the crash occurs when I have two moviing circle nav mesh cuts that start overlapping :confused:

Is there any update on this? This seems like a major issue :confused:

Hey just wanted to bump this thread again - is there a known cause of these crashes?

Hey, just wanted to update here:

I have finished updating to the beta, and I am not observing these crashes any more! :smiley: So it seems like a legacy issue

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I have made some mitigations in the beta. It’s not impossible to get them, but it should be much rarer, and it tries very hard to work around this 3rd party library issue.