Constrain Inside Graph causes stutter near edges, wobbly movement

Hi there,

I’m having an issue with Constrain Inside Graph, where around obstacles the agent will stop and start as if it’s getting temporarily stuck. And then after circumventing the obstacles movement is incredibly wobbly, like it overshoots targets back and forth.

Disabling the setting results in smooth paths, however I’m then not protected against agents pushing each other into walls.

I suspect I probably have some setting too low or high, but I can’t seem to figure out which!



Would it be possible for you to upload a video of this?


I have the same issue with 2d gridgraph and AiPath with rvo.
On video it looks like border of obstacle is not smooth and agents sometimes grab on it or snapping.then wobble and jump .RvoGrabbingExample - YouTube

  1. . maybe some snapping points are distorted in isometrik 2d view or smth ? next video i move agent in editor by hand and its auto snap to grid Y points with jump. so when rvo agent push each other they probably snap like that to grid points Snapping - YouTube

Unity 2019 . 4.3.43