A* Pathfinding Project

Considering to buy, but have few questions!



Im working on mobile action rpg games and have so far used unitys build in navmesh. We have ran in to few annoying problems with it and would like alternative solution.

Question 1.

Group of melee enemies approach the player, as the first 2 enemies are front of the player, will the third one push them both to shove himself between for the shortest path, or will he go around the first 2 enemies to find an empty slot without messing with the other enemies? (Same priority)

Question 2.

Player/monster with higher priority attempts to run through pack of enemies, is there an option to set the power of push he does to the enemies? In unity navmesh they would be pushed aside instantly with the standard build in push speed that is always the same, as if they had no weight or footing.

Question 3.

How good/easy to use system A* has to deal with jumping down from ledges and climbing.

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Most likely a future customer!



Q1. There is an RTS beta which has some utilities for helping with this. See also RTS game pathfinding Currently they would definitely mess with the other enemies.

Q2. Yes. You can adjust the priority. The agents always move away with at most their max speed however. I think the above mentioned RTS beta also has some minor tweaks to improve the behavior, but I’m not 100% sure.

Q3. It’s not that good I have to admit. There is support for it for the RichAI movement script on recast/navmesh graphs, but it is unfortunately the part of the system I am the least happy with.