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Can't find path because of high penalty

Hi, i’m using A*pathfinding free version and i ran into some troubles.
I used Graph Update Scene to make tag and penalty for a region (make bot don’t step into the grass if it isn’t necessary), works great for a few test run then the bot can’t find a path to the same location which is clearly traversable (sometimes it works but most of the time it did not) and if i remove the Graph Update Scene, the bot can move back again. (The penalty score is 10000)

^ The bot should have move that way


What error message are you getting from the path? (See also A* Inspector -> Settings -> Path Log Mode).

I have total 6 seekers in the game, after deactivate some of them, some of them started walking again


Are you using a custom movement script?
It looks like you are calling seeker.StartPath before the previous path has had a chance to finish its calculation.

Yes i’m using a custom movement script, what solution can i tackle this? I’m checking if the path is null then i start a new path, should i add some delay or so?


Path is null? That should only happen once, right?

Note that for most games the built-in movement script AIPath (or AILerp depending on what you need) works well. Keep in mind that each agent should have its own Seeker component. You can use seeker.IsDone to check if it is done calculating the last path.

Thank you for the fast reply, i added seeker.isDone() before start finding a new path and all the bot started walking again.
You save my day!

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