Beta examples missing scripts?


I downloaded the beta into a fresh project (in Unity 2022.3.4f1) and while some example scenes work, many seem to be non-functional/giving missing scripts warnings :confused:

For example, the RecastExample scene in Example3_Recast_Navmesh1 gives many “The referenced script on this Behaviour (Game Object ‘BotEntity (6)’) is missing!” type warnings on startup and nothing happens.

Am I missing some additional package/import?

I asked a similar question here:

My solution was:

The install is missing the define MODULE_ENTITIES, and also doesn’t install Entities.
After doing both of those the missing script problem seems to be gone and I can now use the FollowEntities component.


Yeah, I need to provide fallback scripts when the entities package is not installed.

Hey sorry for the long delay in answering (was crunching on some non-pathfinding stuff in my game)

Installing the entities package seems to have fixed things!