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Automatic nodelink placer tool


Howdy folks, here’s a link to an automatic nodelink placement tool. Cheers to @ToastyStoemp for modifying it to A*PP

Discussed here:

Connecting 2D Grid graphs automatically

Another purpose for this tool could be to find unreachable navigation regions and remove them. Can clean up the navmesh significantly.

Moving from Unity NavMesh to A* Pathfinding

Hey all!

I’ve just uploaded a newer version of the auto placer. ( Link )
Changes made:

  • Added an additional wall check for vertical jumps, and the debugging to analyze issues.
  • Added an automatic Invert Y for Grid Graphs.
  • Added support for multiple Graphs and Graph types to be used at the same time, and link between these.

Disclaimer: This tool does only work with version 4.2.10 or higher. Earlier versions have a bug in the
GetContours() function!

Enjoy the tool!


Thank you for sharing this script with the rest of us, it works really well!

I wish it could be pinned to the top of the forums.


Apologies for the ignorance, but how do I actually use/install this? I’m not certain where I would need to put the script or where whatever menus this create would exist.


You can place this script on any object in your scene, it will automatically execute when you hit Scan on A*. Once placed on an object there is also a button to generate the links for already existing graphs.


Oh wow, thanks for the very quick response. That did it, it’s working now. Also, it turns out I had forgotten to rename the file from “Autoplace NodeLinks on Navmeshes” to the actual class name of “NavMeshLinks_AutoPlacer”, that was what was primarily giving me trouble.

I’m gonna make very good use of this, Thank you very much!