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Accessing previous node in TraversalProvider

Hi! I don’t think it is possible so I am writing in Feature Requests. It would be awesome to be able to access the previous node while making additional checks with TraversalProvider (for example when making sure that there is a connection between individual nodes for bigger size agents).

also I’ve tried to access Path as it should be provided in the traversal methods, i.e.

bool CanTraverse (Path path, GraphNode node);

But it does not contain any nodes.

I am using it with LayeredGridGraph with beta 4.3.26

@aron_granberg could you please take a look at this?

U need to change pathHandler to public in core

@Bito_Ishmael and what that does to do with my issue?

U want parent node of the path search, right?

        PathNode pn = path.pathHandler.GetPathNode(node);//.cost

        if(pn.parent == null)
            return cost;

        GraphNode prev = pn.parent.node;


Thanks for the suggestion.
In the next beta version you will be able to implement ITraversalProvider.CanTraverse(path, from, to) which allows you to get the functionality you need.


That’s great to hear! Thanks! Can’t wait for the updated version! :smiley:

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