A complaint about the current state of support

Hey Aron. I am fully aware that you do support on this forum out of your own free will and on your own free time, but I would like to occupy your attention with certain issues that I’ve noticed.

It seems that (especially) lately, support timing has been lacking. Personally, I feel like the quality of support is always excellent (although mileage may vary per person), but the amount of time required to get an answer (or even get ignored completely) on certain questions is getting pretty extensive.

Personally, I’ve experienced this in the form of you not answering me in multiple issues, or me having to remind you after a week or even more so I could get an answer, and here’s some of the examples:

IMPORTANT EDIT: At the time of writing, these posts did not have answers, but have since received them.

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Some posts have gone without answers for over two weeks:

Furthermore, sometimes new posts get answers sooner which leaves the posts that came before without a response.

My purpose with this topic is in no way to insult your work or provoke you; we all love this asset and think it’s an amazing piece of work, otherwise we wouldn’t have bought it. However, I firmly believe it is important to keep existing customers happy and not keep their questions on hold for too long (especially for over a week). It would be useful to approximately know the days on which you are active and when we can expect a response from you.

Again, there might be things happening behind-the-scenes that we aren’t aware of, and sometimes, life just happens. If that is the case, we would love to be informed rather than kept waiting with no information. I’m sure others share the same opinion and hopefully you can take this into consideration.


Sorry, yeah, I haven’t had a lot of time to answer support questions recently. I did a pass now, though.

Sometimes I only have a bit of time to answer questions, in those cases I can only answer some “easy” questions. Some other questions might require me to make a deeper investigation into the causes in order to provide a relevant response. That’s why answers sometimes come out of order.