4.3.81: RecastGraph - SnapForceBoundsToScene on Start()

Hello Aron, hello everybody :slight_smile:

I just tried out the new versions (both 4.3.80 and 4.3.81), coming from 4.3.79…

And I have issues with the Recast Graph:

  1. SnapForceBoundsToScene not working when being called on Start()
  2. The Navmesh seems to be broken, as the AI behaves strangely, not walking at all, or walking only “towards left”
  3. Now there seems to be some kind of a “collider” where A* bounds are snapped, and did scan the area. You can see that since the enemies’ projectiles are being strangely pushed around whenever they are shooting inside of the navmesh bounds…

See attached videos…



In the “Astar_4_3_81” video, you can see at

0:12 the bounds didn’t snap, like in the old version
0:40 the strange behaving AI’s, trying to walk “towards left”
1:00 the AI throwing stones, which are thrown around in strange ways, instead of flying just in one direction

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


What exact code are you using in Start?

That is what I am doing:

			for (var idx = 0; idx < AstarPath.active.graphs.Length; ++idx)
				(AstarPath.active.graphs[idx] as RecastGraph).SnapForceBoundsToScene();


Does it correctly snap the bounds if you manually click the button in the inspector?

Nevermind. I managed to replicate it. :slight_smile:
I’ll include a fix in the next beta update.

With 4.3.82 it works!

Thanks Aron :slight_smile: <3