Navmesh on a spherical planet



I just uploaded a beta here: (click on ‘show older versions’ and download the spherical beta).
I also wrote a small (work in progress) tutorial page for it. Take a look at this page:

Walking on walls

I guess the next obvious question is once this is implemented and we have it on a navmesh, how are we going to cut out water areas? For me, its one giant sphere within my terrain sphere. Is this a good approach or am I going to have to procedurally cut my water zones?



Spherical graphs do not support any kind of navmesh cutting, so this will have to be done inside your 3D modelling application. With most of them it should be fairly easy to remove all the geometry overlapping in the water.


What about the navmesh modifier volume that you’ve been working on? Would that work to set tags/ penalties? Also I was thinking as my lil project has a similar planet/ ocean setup could one simply do a distance check with the center of the planet with each node to add penalties or tags? That seems doable without hacking up one’s mesh…


Also, finally had a chance to play with this and compare to the prior arbitrary surface stuff! First off the octree approach seems to be blazingly fast, thanks again for picking this feature up. Also the movement now seems to expect the agent to have gravity to keep it pulled down into place whereas the prior iteration didn’t. Is the gravity necessary? Will play with it more later when I can.