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Efficiently modifying (adding/deleting) nodes in PointGraph


Hello! I am ‘finalizing’ my volumetric point graph and I want to add support for modifying graph. But I see there is no efficient method for removing points on graph. I wish to do it via pooling. Does author has any tip?

How it is currently (WIP):

I Extended ’ void UpdateArea(GraphUpdateObject o) ’

  1. I call o.WillUpdateNode(node.vPoint); on nodes that will be removed
  2. Then I call VolumetricPointGraph.activeScan.wallNodes.Remove(this); //it’s original method Remove from PointGraph
  3. this.vPoint.Destroy(); //also original method, this is where connections are removed and node destroyed

I wish to implement pooling for PointNode; I might be able to do it myself but I know it won’t be efficient: I don’t know internals much. I did read some of it the deeper I go, less I understand.

I do have Pro version if that helps (though I doubt).

Thanks for help!



Currently there is no support for removing nodes from a point graph one by one. I think the best approach right now is just to move them to some position far away from everything else and remove all connections to and from them.


Hello Aron,

thanks for reply.

So basically just remove connection, and give them back to stack. Moving them wont be needed because I spatially query them with my octree.

Will show you end results if sucessfull :smiley: