Y-axis problem

I’m new here.I have just downloaded AStar and I got a qestion
There is no problem to character (eg boot) reached the target. It is relatively simple.
It starts to be difficult if our boot and target are not on the same y-axis

I have a simple scene. ground, ramp and platform, the boot and the target (sphere).
Boot on the ground, while the sphere is located on the platform (5 meters above).
Now we have two possibilities (depending on where the boot is at the start)

  1. boot climbs up the ramp and on the platform reaches the target (which is ok)
  2. boot is directly under the target. Course, the target is not achieved in a proper manner,
    the boot is 5 meters below the target.

is there any way to force the boot to always climbed the ramp?

Sorry for my english this is not my first or even second language


no one ?


Could you post a screenshot? Preferably showing the graph nodes using gizmos.

Hi Aron

Everything is made to the default settings of “Grid Graph Example”
The design is hanging a few feet above the ground. The only way to target is through the ramp. Pictures below show what I mean precisely




I hope now my problem (question) is to you a clear.
Generally, I try to make the game, similar to this example (dynamic building)

I gratefully accept all the suggestions on this topic



My guess is that no valid nodes are generated on top of the walls.
Check the Show Graphs toggle at the bottom of the A* Inspector to view the graphs, consider lowering the node size to create valid paths to the top of the walls.

When no nodes are generated there, or if there is no valid path to those nodes, it will pick the closest reachable node.

Hi Mirek -

I am having an almost identical issue to this. If my player capsule is directly in front of his target, and the target is up a ramp, he has no issues using the ramp to get to the target, much like your Image #1. However, if the player capsule is on the ramp or platform already, and the target is not directly in front of the capsule, but under it or off to the side, the capsule will either try to drop through the platform floor to get to it (it can’t), jump over the side, or just stand on the edge or the platform staring longingly at the target, rather than using the ramp to climb down and then path to the target. Did you ever find a way to get this solved? I am using only one layered grid graph to do this.

Anyone: would love to hear how to avoid the “wrong” examples Mirek is showing.


That is likely because the graph resolution is too low to represent the world with much accuracy. Try enabling “Show Graphs” in the A* Inspector and see how the graph looks like. Is there a path from the top of the ramp to under it?

PS: Sorry for the late answer, I have been away for a while and haven’t been able to answer many forum posts.