WTB RVO / Root Motion help


For a month ive tried to make local avoidance(RVO and Mecanim) work with Eliot AI. Im getting to the point where im considering jumping back to navmesh =/

Ive read everything about the subject on this forum. I tried tons of programming combinations, though im not a pro in programming. Is it possible to get some assistance?

I tried the meccanim script, tried to modify it. I tried to write my own root motion code, and sure it works, but i need Astar to rotate the character, since i dont have moving rotation animations. That also is not a problem. However, RVO/Local avoidance just dont work and wont couple. And i need RVO to work at the same time. Is it even possible?



Aron previously replied to a similar topic here:

Getting rootmotion to not take over animation rotation isn’t all that hard. You can simply modify the mecanim bridge to not alter rotation, I’ve linked my version ( that also ignores rotations ) here:

( the Vector3.Flat() is one of our custom extentions to just set they y value to 0 )

Hope that helps

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