Working on integration with Game Creator 2

Hello Aron,

As e-mails can get lost I just wanted to quickly shoot you a message on those forums and clarify if this is something you could have a look at.

I’m working on an integration of A* Pathfinding with Game Creator 2 (with the GC2 developer’s blessing)

I’m facing 2 challenges / blocking points and I sent you e-mails about it on the mail address that is listed on your asset store page (which might not be right).

You might not have replied because it’s not something you’d work on and I’m sorry for that. But in case those mails didn’t go through, and you could potentially support me - could you have a look at what I sent or tell me where I should send those information?

Thank you for your help


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I support this initiative and I’m glad Marti does too.


Sorry. I missed those emails. I’ll take a look at them now!

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