Windows Store/Phone Compatibility


I tried porting my project to Windows Store initially, and the app actually works perfectly, however, once I run the Windows App Ceritification Kit, which is used to test of the app would actually be or not accepted to be published in the store, and it returns an error saying that Ionic.Zip.Reduced invokes a lot of APIs that are not supported. Such as System.IO.File, but really there are many others.

Is a Windows Phone/Store compatible version being worked on, do you plan to make it compatible in the future? Is there anything I could do to get rid of this error?

Thank you for your attention,


See announcement at the top of the forum.
It is problematic making it W8 Store compatible. For one, I don’t have a Win8 Phone license nor a windows computer. Do you know if there is a DLL I can check compatibility with on something which is not windows? But secondly, I would need multiple versions of the third party dlls I use (e.g Ionic.Zip) since they must be compiled differently each time which is quite messy.


You could take a look at these links if you still haven’t:

I don’t have a Windows Phone myself neither Windows 8, I had to make a VM running trial version of windows to get things going, I am not sure if you will find ways to test this kind of thing out of windows… and Windows Phone at least seems to be required to test mobile apps, or I dont know how to even generate the file without a device.

I hope this helps. Thanks for the attention,