Why the grid dont make it walk in a straight line?

I want to my character walk in linear paths, just like a isometric game using grid path. But when I make it walk just in front, it take side squeres to walk. Any idea?


It looks like you possibly have the funnel modifier attached? I don’t think you want that one if you want that kind of linear path.

Hello! Thanks for reply.
No, just Ai Path and Seeker scripts attached.


Maybe what you want to do is to change the Seeker->StartEndModifier -> Start/End Snapping modes. Try SnapToNode.

Hmm… Looking at your screenshot I initially thought it looked very strange. But are you possibly just displaying the node connections and note the node outlines? (see grid graph settings)

Haaaa! Thank you very much, it solved what I wanted to get. Your job is awesome Aron.
I’m just moving from Unity Navmeshe to use your grid solution.

Thanks again!